Even if you stop eating candy and chocolate, sugar is waiting for you everywhere.


When cheese and yogurt are made, what happens as a by-product of these two products is whey. It is considered one of the most healthy drinks because it is rich in vitamins, minerals and sugar that are needed for the whole body, and especially for the proper functioning of the brain. It has a mildly sour taste that refreshes. It’s healthier than milk and it’s recommended to eat it instead.Surutka naturally influences the production of serotonin hormone that is responsible for the sense of pleasure and happiness. It is also rich in amino acids tryptophan, which also affects mood, but also sleep.Surutka can eliminate many diseases of the liver when consumed regularly. Beta-lactoglobulin provides the body with the amino acid BCAA that successfully fights illnesses, and the healed makes life much better, and the liver is stronger. He is also considered the best “liver cleaner”.


As the days become colder, shorter and smoother, such a large percentage of people becomes much less physically active. Research shows that most pounds are added between September and February.

So do not forget that autumn requires little adaptation in nutrition, because only moderation can help us maintain the desired look.

The appetite is activated

Research shows that most of us have a weaker appetite at high temperatures. So with cooler days, we become hungry, which is one of the factors that can cause an excessive amount of calories, and the addition of unwanted kilograms.

The mood changes

Thicker and cooler days can affect mood and cause some kind of seasonal melancholy, or depression. Depression (even seasonal) affects what we eat and how much we eat. You guess that seasonal depression affects us eating more. That is why autumn is the right time to include foods that stimulate the happiness-serotonin hormone synthesis.Autumn brings colds and weaker immunity. That’s why it’s important to continue to bring in fruits and vegetables. Fresh foods that come to the market in the fall most people would not just put on the list of favorites. However, autumn is certainly characterized by extremely healthy foods that this September must be found on your menu. Among the healthiest fried foods of sugars, grapes, pears, apples, pies and carfiol.


Of course, the bed should be comfortable and stand in the direction that pleases you. The bed should not be too soft or too tough. Pay special attention to the choice of pillows. Some people prefer hard, while others like soft pillows – this is individually. If you have a “pillow” made of cotton fabric and stuffed with hops, its aroma will calm the nervous system.Teas made of soothing plants will help to relieve emotional stress, thus preparing the body for rest. Use hops, valerian, nano, chicken and chamomile.It is long known that muscles under warm water are relaxed, and even drowsiness can occur. Take a shower before bedtime. Preferably the water temperature does not exceed 37 degrees. In the bath you can add extracts of softwood.



Add everyday beautiful notes of essential oils and learn what benefits they have on our body and the whole organism …

Today, meditation, yoga, smut consumption and an active lifestyle are sources of good health and good looks. Everyday we are presented with different ways in which we can improve ourselves, but one thing is permanently omitted – the benefits of essential oils. Below find out why this type of oil is very important to us and how it can help us in different aspects of life.

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